Stop the Bad Habit of Permanently Removing Nose Hair

As the standards of beauty and aesthetics have changed, we have changed our habits. So many people like to remove hair from their body like armpits, eyebrows, ears and nose. In this article we will explain why you should stop doing it forever !!

The hair that grow both men and women inside the nose can be looking odd when they protrude from the nostrils but play a very important role for our body: filter particles, dust, germs and other pathogens when entering air from the outside while we breathe.

Things to Know About Nasal Hair

However, this is not the worst: the worst is when pulling out these pellets can cause damage or rupture of the internal blood vessels and thus, the hair follicle is exposed to risk of an infectious process that can still cause us death!!

Why pulling the hairs from the nose can kill us? The answer to this question is that create a barrage in the nostril.” A large number of small capillaries that intercommunicate with the nerves that run through the brain are located there,

By abruptly removing the hair from the nose risky. Because, when a blood vessel ruptures, it will be filled with blood and exposed to lethal pathogenic microorganisms such as amoeba, which may progressively tear your brain.

Therefore, you need to stop practicing this habit to avoid an infection that could cause to your brain and even end your life … Have you noticed the Mortal danger to which you were exposed taking violently the hair of the nose?

What is good Practice?

Now surely you will ask. So how do I remove that undesirable and annoying hair that made my look odd? Very simple, instead of pulling it, reduce it or cut it with a pair of scissors or nose trimming machine. These will not hurt you. There types of products you can buy in beauty store or online.

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