How to Get Rid of Nose & Ear Hair

Today, something happened at my home, that made me scared and I think, as a conscious person, I should share this with you.

My dad cut himself today while he was doing a regular grooming job–trimming his nose hair. As he was using a scissor, he accidentally cut a bit of skin inside his nose with sharp blades of scissors.

Fortunately, it was just a minor cut. After that, dad was repeating the words again and again-

“If we didn’t have nose hair, there wouldn’t be that much agony for removing them.”
Do you feel same?

Some Important Facts to know:

1. Your nose is not a sterile place

Robert Pincus, an otolaryngologist at the New York Sinus Center, says “Your nose is not a sterile place.”

Nose and throat are the most vulnerable passageway of harmful bacteria in your body.
As a matter of fact, though it feels annoying when you see them poking out of the nose, they are secret life saviors. They grow for a purpose – they protect you from bacteria and diseases.

So, if you wish for hair-free nostrils, there’s one thing you should know, nasal hair is essential for our body, and we should not think of plucking them for the hair-free nose.

2. Ignore that you have nose hair

Eventually, one morning, when you stood before the mirror to check if your face looked good, but instead you noticed some hair poking out of your nose, I can understand that it wasn’t a satisfying experience.

Well, you don’t like it, neither do other people. So, you should take care of the annoying part. Use best nose hair trimmer to cut the protruding part.

But remember, I said the ANNOYING PART, not the whole thing. Snip and hide your hair. Yes, snip, don’t pluck them by the root. Since nasal hair is necessary, wishing for a hair free nose is nothing but a meaningless demand. You should hide it, not pluck it.

So, ignore the fact that nostrils are hairy. Focus on the excessive growth.

3. Be Extra Careful

If you are an extra tall person, you should be extra careful. The hair poking out of nostrils doesn’t do anything. So keeping them is worthless, gross as well.

The sight of the extra length of hair poking out is disturbing. So trim it while you can. That will save both you and your friends from an embarrassing situation.

4. Is this common in both men and women?

The answer is definitely yes. Both contain the hormones that are liable for your bushy nose.
Usually, the body hair is also distinguished like one’s gender. Most of the time, male persons are referred as hairy persons. But to be true, body hair belongs to both men and women. The fact is, women care a lot about it and men don’t.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes hair grows on your body. The effect of testosterone gets extreme both in the male and female body as time passes by.

Our hair’s lifespan is encircled among three phases; Anagen, catagen and telogen. The anagen phase is the time when hair follicles response to androgen and hair starts growing. After a certain growth, it stops during the catagen phase. Then hair starts falling.

After that, a new hair grows from the old follicle again. But the time between the hair fall and revival is called telogen phase. Usually, during telogen phase, androgen gets intense and for this, after the pause, it grows faster, thicker, longer and more in numbers. There are exceptional cases as well. The growth rate is less for women in most cases.

So, as a woman, if you are tensed about your nose or ear hair, don’t be. And, if you are wondering, “Well, I don’t see this happening with other women,” you should see the winter meme saying ‘Le Girl: Ah, it’s winter! Now I can hide my legs in pants and no need to bother about shaving them.” Now you know, you are not alone.

5. Scientific explanation

Nose hair is a ‘natural germ filter.’ When we inhale air, the air is not purified, and it contains bacteria, spores, dust and other unhealthy particles that are hazardous for us. When the air is going inside the nose with inhaling, nose hair clutches germs and hazardous particles and prevents them from going inside. So, imagine, what will happen if you don’t have nasal hair? With oxygen, bacteria will tour inside your veins as well, accompanied by spores and dust.

And talking about veins here’s another important thing. You might haven’t heard of it yet, but there’s a ‘triangle’ that’s connecting your mouth and nose, or as some doctors refer it. ‘Danger triangle’ or ‘triangle of death.’

Danger Triangle: Veins carrying blood from nose and brain meet in this area. So there’s a chance, if you pluck the hair out of your nose, the hollow follicles can get infected by germs. The bacteria and spore can go down your veins through bare follicles and reach into the brain. You already can assume that’s not a light matter.

And your very clean nose can also be the reason sometimes for you catching a cold, flu or asthma.

So, plucking nose hair is similar to digging a hole for yourself.

8 Ways to Deal with Nasal Hair:

Though we have to admit that we need nose hair and plucking them is a bad idea, here’s one thing we should know too.

The hair inside the nose prevents particles entering inside of the body. But not the part that hangs outside in the air. What I mean, without removing it by the root, there are still many ways to get rid of the unwanted attention.

1. Trimming: For body hair removing purpose, grooming devices are considered one of the popular choices. Trimmers are most recommended grooming tool for nose hair. This device is widely available and easy to use if you know the technique. Moreover, when you are only thinking about shredding the part that is sticking out, nothing’s better than trimming it.

Buy a trimmer from the departmental or online store. Press the tip of your nose backward so that it looks like a pig’s nose. Now, take the trimmer, circle it around your nostrils to trim the hair, circle it gently to avoid cutting. And remember, only the part that sticks out of your nose.

2. Cutting with Scissors: lf you don’t have a trimmer or in case, you can’t buy one, scissors can also come handy. Press your nostrils backward again and carefully snip the hair. Hair trimmers are made for gentle use, scissors are not. So they can cause big troubles, if the work is not done carefully. Honestly, I’d prefer trimmer over scissors, because they are easier and safer to use, also takes less effort.

3. Waxing: It’s one of the ways to get rid of hair, though this would be my least choice. The reason is, waxing is painful. Also, it would cause hair to be uprooted, and we already know, the annoying hair should be removed, the follicles shouldn’t be empty. Again, the materials used in waxing can also cause harm inside veins.

4. Tweezers: The most common choice for hair removal. In fact, our first body hair removing lessons start with the help of these things. Remember the time, when you were a little girl, your first attempt to make eyebrows began with these metal buddies? And for some people, this thing is the only preference for the rest of their lives. Many people would prefer them over other hi-tech grooming devices.

But when we are talking about nose hair, tweezers are not a good choice. Hair follicles of nostrils are very sensitive and using tweezers will be pretty painful. Not only that, shipping is not comfortable with them, and using old blunt tweezers is totally of no use. Besides, we are talking about only shaping the hair to hide it, so tweezers are not much of use here.

5. Electric Shave Attachments: Regular shaving attachments also can be utilized as a substitute of the trimmer. Should follow the steps of trimming and be careful to avoid cutting.

6. Hair Removal Cream: If you apply hair removal cream on nose hair, the powerful chemicals will melt hair and make the root weak, so that you can wipe the hair out of your nose. Or quickly remove without feeling any pain.

7. Laser Treatment: One of the major wonders of modern science is laser treatment. Electrolysis can remove nasal hair. If an expert performs the electrolysis, you can easily get rid of nasal hair with barely any side-effect.

8. Permanent Removal: We know that’s what you want and sure you can apply that to some body parts but not for nostrils. As we mentioned before, nasal hair should be kept. So, get rid of the thought of removing it permanently. Snip out the proportion that pokes out of your nostrils.


1. Never try to pluck a strand of nose hair

The hair grows in a bunch, but don’t try to pull out a whole strand. You will end up ripping a bit of your skin; blood loss can take place as well. And by pulling out a strand, you will also make a path for germs to dig in. Besides, pulling out strands is annoying and painful.

2. Don’t cut your nose accidentally

When you are trimming or clipping the hair with grooming devices, scissors, electric shaving attachments or tweezers, be careful. Otherwise, you will cut your nose. Don’t rub the devices over the bare skin and be extremely careful with pointy parts hitting your skin.

3. Don’t Try to Shave It

Don’t create the nightmare of your life by shaving nose hair. If you manage to do so, the result won’t be very pleasant. When you shave hair, the hair grows faster, thicker and bushier. So shaving nasal hair will increase your problems instead of reduce.

4. Avoid Harmful Chemical Use

Hair removal creams – You might not feel the pain, but still it’s not recommended by doctors and professionals. If the cream is not suitable for your skin, it will cause a severe side-effect. In fact, not only hair removal cream, don’t use any chemical on your nasal skin, can cause a toxic effect.

5. Be Careful When Applying Laser

Laser treatment for body hair removal is popular now. But when it’s about nose hair, it should be done by professionals who have records of performing it on the nose before safely.

Though it’s effective, it’s a deadly decision. Besides, if the light reaches the brain, anything bad can happen as well.

Nobody likes a gross person. Nobody wants to be an ugly person. But pulling out the whole hair out of your nose is not the solution. Snip the unnecessary part and hide it. As a well-wisher, I tried to disclose the necessary facts about nose hair. I hope, these facts will help you to take a better decision about the matter.

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