Top Most Popular Nose Trimmer Brands

The nose clippers help us by removing annoying hairs that protrude from the nose, giving us a more neat appearance and its small size is perfect for carrying it in our travel luggage. Brands like Philips, Panasonic and Wahl have this product. , We will talk a little about them and summarize the essential characteristics of this product based on the comments made by Internet users.

Top 3 Nose Trimmer Brands


Philips is a company of Dutch origin and is acclaimed as one of the most influential in the electronic engineering market, was founded in 1891 and currently has a workforce of 150,000 employees worldwide. The company is divided into Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Lighting and Philips Healthcare.

It has a wide variety of electronic products focused on personal care and are aimed at improving the quality of life of its customers thanks to its technological advances. Philips manufactures all kinds of personal care products such as epilators, hair straighteners, sterilizers, shavers, among others.

Philips nose clippers remove excess nasal hair without damaging your skin thanks to its narrow, tilted nozzle which is protected by a thin protective film and is easy to clean as it can be immersed in water. The blades eliminate even the smallest hairs because of their independent movement blades and have a battery life of 16 hours.

This small device not only removes the hair from the nose can also remove the unsightly hairs from the ears and you can polish and cut the hairs from your beard and eyebrows. They are an indispensable item in each man’s bath, since they will always keep the annoying hairs of the face safely controlled.


This is a company of Japanese origin, founded by Mr. Konosuke Matsushita in the year 1918. The company has a prosperous performance worldwide and currently has 250,000 employees around the world. Panasonic is a company with experience in the production of electronic devices for mass consumption.

Panasonic produces products in the area of home appliances, sustainable building supplements for homes, automotive electronic systems, infrastructure and public lighting as well as electronic components for large industries. Her fame is due equally to being one of the largest producers of plasma and HD TVs in the world.

Panasonic nose and ear clippers need triple A batteries, others are rechargeable and charge at an exact time, running for up to 50 minutes, have an approximate power of 100 and 240 W. Their designs are thin and light with a rounded tip, Perfect to reach even the most delicate places and can be used under the shower thanks to its stainless steel sheets.


Wahl Clipper Corporation is a leading company in personal care and home care, with the invention of its first shaver in 1919 has revolutionized its range of products with the same tradition of innovation and professionalism. Its head office is in the United States and sells its products to 165 countries around the world.

The company is mainly dedicated to the creation of professional tools for beauty salons, personal care and animal aesthetics with the support of 2000 employees worldwide. Among the range of professional products we can find hair cutters, combs, scissors, dryers, irons and pliers.

Wahl has clippers and has a swinging cutter head with three different cut options you want, eliminating hair from ears, beard and nose, this product runs on AA batteries. The steel and carbide blades stay sharpened for longer and have an ergonomic design that makes it easier to cut with more precision and detail such as the beard and sideburns. This product comes with three heads, a head protector and a small comb for more elaborate cuts.

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