Nose Hair Removal : To Do’s and Not to Do’s

In early times, people wouldn’t care much about body hair. But things changed in the roaring twenties, when the concept of beauty started evolving with newly adopted lifestyle.

Nowadays, the definition of beautiful body relies on hair free skin. And, that’s the reason for people spending their greens on waxing and other hair removal treatments.

People obviously love to have a head full of hair; but they don’t like it when their armpits, ears or nostrils are hairy too.

Like other body parts, nasal hair is also a matter of concern to most adults and they try their best to get rid of them; but amidst all concerns, they forget one important thing.

Some hair may look unnecessary, but they are not actually useless. At least, not nasal hair. Those tiny little piles are what protect you from massive danger and performs like a shield against germs and infections.

Is Nose hair good for you?

My words may leave you wondering how come nasal hair is protecting us and what kind of shield it can be. Well, don’t wonder, here’s the answer.

Nasal hair are actually ‘natural air purifier’.

Though the air we breathe seems empty from general prospect, but it actually holds millions of particles, most of which aren’t even friendly. And, by those unfriendly materials, I meant germs, fungus, spore and dust. When we inhale air, hazardous particles try to pass through nasal cavities, but ‘unnecessary-looking’ nasal hair stop them and mucus cover them with a sticky layer. So, instead of going inside, they get trapped inside our nostrils.

Yes, I’m talking about the brownish snot and debris you find while cleaning……or picking.

By the way, don’t pick your nose, it’s gross.
To speak the truth, the idea of eliminating nasal hair is a completely bad idea. In case you don’t know about the area which is referred as the ‘danger triangle ‘ by experts, it’s the area of mouth where nasal veins and veins coming from brain have met. If you pull out nasal hair by their root, then the hair follicles will go hollow.

Debris, germs, and fungus will reach blood veins through them and will attack our neural system.

Even if the consequence is not this bad, one still bears the possibility of suffering from asthma and allergic reactions more than others if his nose has no hair.
So, now you can understand how important nose hair is.

And, you mustn’t think about eliminating them. But, there’s another thing. The hair inside nostrils are important, not the edges that hang in the air. In fact, protruding hair is not important at all and gross too. That’s why, you should get rid of them. However, since you know the importance of nose hair now, it’s time for you to find out how to deal with excessive hair.

The recommended Ways to Remove Nose Hair:

1. Nose Hair Removal at Home

If you don’t snip your nasal hair correctly, there will be ingrown hair inside your nose.

Ingrown hair causes irritation as it’s not properly trimmed, has rough edge and still begins to grow inside. To get rid of the irritation it causes by itching and agony sooner, follow the steps below.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Take a clean and soft cloth. Soak it in germ free lukewarm water.
  2. Take the soaked towel and wring it to secrete extra water.
  3. Now shove the wet, tepid and moist cloth inside your nose, gently around the surface with ingrown hair.
  4. Keep it inside the nostril till it’s warm.
  5. When the cloth returns to its cold state, get it out of nose and clean it.
  6. Again soak it in lukewarm water and repeat the steps above.
  7. Repeat all those six steps for about twenty minutes or a little more than that.

Following these steps, ingrown hair will be moistened and won’t be irritable anymore. Use prescribed ointment to avoid chances of infection

2. Women Nose Hair Removal:

Usually, women are more concerned about their body hair than men. Getting a little peek of hair poking out of unexpected places like nose has the ability to drive them nuts.
Yes, it’s disturbing seeing strands of hair hanging from your nose.

Those hair should be hidden. But, not plucking, only trimming the extra portion is the right way to get rid of them. As we told before, plucking them can lead to severe problems.
Actually, there’re no different ways of trimming for men and women.

It’s the same tactic just like the same problem. Use a trimmer to clip that little strand of annoyance. And if you don’t have a trimmer, use scissors. But not the one with sharp tips. Use scissors with rounded and blunt tips to avoid cutting.

3. Nose Hair Removal Cream

Among all options, hair removal cream is the favorite one of some users. Because the strong chemical melts the hair and you can easily remove them without feeling any pain or irritation. And there’s no chance of cutting or injuring either.
However, they are a good choice for legs and hands perhaps, but not for sensitive and torpid places like nostrils. Because the toxic fume generated by chemicals goes inside with inhaling and causes hazardous reaction.

It’s dangerous.
If you’re really into these creams though, look for organic one with all natural ingredients. Yes, I’m talking about herbal cream if available.
Personally, I think, hair removal cream are not a good choice, since they can cause toxic reaction. Moreover, they leave hair follicles empty and hollow for bacterial development.

4. Use Trimmer

Normal hair clippers — There are regular hair clippers especially designed for hard-to-reach places like nasal cavities. These clippers come in various shapes. So, there are different methods for using them. Follow proper methods to use your clipper perfectly to clip excessive hair.

Electric Hair Trimmers — Nowadays electric devices are popular choices for daily tasks. As a matter of fact, there are electric gadgets for hair removal purposes as well. Electric hair trimmers are one of the popular devices for snipping hair. Those tiny devices come with tiny sharp blade that goes in circle and trims hair on the way.

Because of tiny shape, they are easy to use on nostrils. Some trimmers come with advanced features, e.g. light and machine for vaccuming trimmed hair, so that you don’t inhale hair with oxygen.

Whether you use manual clipper or electric trimmer, don’t forget to clean your nose right after trimming to avoid inhaling hair.

Nose Hair Removal: Not To do’s

1. Waxing:


1. Waxing recquires hot material that is hazardous for sensitive nasal skin.
2. Those materials can go inside and that wouldn’t result in something good.
3. Waxing is one way to pluck hair by roots and that shouldn’t be done with nasal hair.
4. Waxing can’t be performed easily in such a small area.
5. It can cause allergic reactions.

Most experts and dermatologists are against waxing since skin is made of soft tissues. Nasal skin tissues are even softer. Moreover, it’s not a healthy and safe way to remove nasal hair.

2. Laser Removal

Delete the idea of laser treatment from your brain. The laser treatment will destroy nasal hair and they will never grow again. The most dangerous thing is, nasal cavities are directly linked with our skull, the light reflected during electrolysis can reach your brain and harm your system.

In a word, choosing laser treatment for nasal hair problem is like a suicidal attempt. So, don’t even think about it.


Well, we told you the basic to do’s and not to do’s. You can research for further knowledge which is appreciated by our team. Matter of excessive body hair should be taken with a great concern. But there are proper methods to deal with them. We tried to provide you with important facts regarding this matter and now hope that you understand how to deal with nasal hair problem.

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