How to Trim Nose and Air Hair Correctly

Before I have written how to get rid of nose hair. Here it’s time now to know how to trim nose hair or ear hair for keeping your self clean.

The truth is that many men suffer the problem of having excess hair on the nose and ears, which is actually quite unsightly.  It’s recommended to always trim this hair and also learn to keep it without growing.

How to Trim Nose Hair By Nose Trimmer –

  • Take a magnifying mirror, you will realize that you have more than nose hair you thought so it is better to trim them as soon as possible.
  •  Ideally , and although there are electrical machines to end the nose hair is to use, a depilatory tweezers can be used too but  sterilize it with a little alcohol.
  • Place it in the direction of natural hair growth; Something that may cost a little but this way you will avoid noting so much pain and that the hair will also come out of the root.
  • Never cut several hairs together ,it’s painful. Although a little delays, it is best to remove hair one by one.
  • Once you have finished, it is better to have a little ice in the area, so that you will avoid getting irritated and especially if you have hurt yourself, so that the pain calms and passes before.
  • Another there’s an option to use a small scissors (which are special for nose hair and eyebrows) so you do not have to remove the hair and cut them only thus preventing possible infections will not occur. Also it does not hurt so much and for an emergency can be a solution more than acceptable.
  • Of course, you should cut carefully do not do it right on the surface since if you cut too much glue it can cause the hair to become incarnate.

 How to Trim Ear Hair By Trimmer –

  • In the same way that the hair of the ear can be annoying and unsightly.
  •  Although for the nose, or for the eyebrows, it is simple to take a pair of hair removal tweezers and with a magnifying mirror to remove hair to hair, in that case of the ears and above removing will be much more complicated.
  • What I recommend here is to use a specific razor to cut or indeed, trimming the hair on the ears correctly to minimize the pain.
  • In the market you can find many brands that already have this type of electric machines that serve to trim both the hair of the ears and the nose.
  • For example Phillips , has several models to trim nose and ear hair and to fix the eyebrows.
  • These are very ideal for easy access to the most sensitive areas angle.
  • It has a system to precisely cut to avoid the sensations

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