How to Trim Nose hair using Electric Trimmer

Among all grooming devices, electric trimmers have become a popular choice to trim excessive nose hair. In case, if you are not a trimmer user and wondering why most people prefer those over the old fashioned tweezers or scissors, the explanation is simple – a best electric nose trimmers does the same job simply without causing any pain or cutting.

Those little devices are easy to use (just encircle them gently over your nose hair) and your tension will go way like ‘POOF!’ No more hair poking out of nostrils!

Also, you don’t feel the same tension you face while using scissors. Not only that, it’s also better than tweezers, because tweezers can’t snip the hair well and uproot them, while trimmers only trim the extra part.

And of course, trimmer is an absolute choice for nose hair. Because, the concept of pulling the hair out is wrong. You need ear and nose hair. Those hair just don’t grow to remind you of your age, they have some serious tasks to take care of as well.

Function of Nose Hair:

While our excessive nose hair may get enlisted as a great nuisance, they actually serve with couple of great purposes.

Silent Defender

We can’t see air, but still it’s not just something that blows and supplies you with oxygen. It’s full of objects ; including germs, fungus, spore, dust and tiny particles. When we inhale for oxygen, other objects also try to sneak in. But when the air enters our nose, the nasal hair prevents them from entering our respiratory system by catching and covering them with mucus layer.

Maintain air’s humidity

The air is full of objects. When we inhale air, harmful objects get trapped in nose hair and mucus stuck to those hair raise the temperature and moistened the air. That’s how the nasal hair participates on maintaining air’s humidity and thus make it acceptable for our respiratory system.

Now, since you know the importance of your nose hair, we hope you will better not try again to pluck the hair with a tweezer. And another thing, the hair inside your nose protects you from germs and fungus, not the one that hangs loose in the air. But they look gross. So instead of pulling the whole hair out, only snip the unnecessary part. And an electric trimmer would be the best choice for that.

Because there’s a possibility of cutting your skin when you use scissors and you also have to pay extra attention. On the other hand, trimmers are especially made for this job, so you will be able to get rid of the problem just like that. However, to trim, you will need a little preparation.

Things You’ll Need

  • Electric hair trimmer
  • Lighted magnifying mirror
  • Warm water
  • Washcloth

Steps to follow to trim hair using electric trimmer

  • Every electric product comes with a manual. You will have one with your trimmer too. Before using the trimmer, read the manual properly and understand the machine. Follow the instructions for trimming. Because it’s an electric tool, it wouldn’t be a good idea to start using this device without certain knowledge.
  • Without proper amount of light, it’s be hard to trim the exact portion. Moreover, nose cavities are dark places, so it’s hard to have a sight of them. For enough supply of light, use a lighted magnifying mirror.
  • If you don’t have a lighted magnifying mirror, select a place fully enlightened and take a clear mirror. So that you can have a good peek on your nose hair.
  • Take a clean washcloth. Soak it in warm water. Now, start cleaning your nostrils with the cloth. Blow your nose if possible. Make your nose dirt-free before trimming.
  • Now, do a pig’s nose. By pig’s nose, I mean, press the tip of your nose backwards. Do it by moving your facial muscles or use your fingers to push the tip of your nose backwards, so that the nostrils stay wide open and you can easily trim even at the deepest place.
  • Now you will be able to see the unnecessary parts, at least the most of it. Take the trimmer and hold it near the hair in front. Turn it on and start trimming, start from lower part and then gradually the upper part. Then slowly the part in the end.
  • It’ll be difficult for you to reach in the back, so use your fingers and push the tip of your nose
Disadvantages of cutting nose hair

Remember. Always trim the unnecessary hair, but never think of eliminating them completely. Nasal hair prevents germs, fungus, debris e.t.c. from going inside our body and maintain inhaled air’s humidity. If you don’t have enough nasal hair, you will be more likely to suffer from asthma and severe allergic problems.

It may also affect respiratory system.
Also, don’t pull the hair out of follicles, hollow follicles csn be infected, and so do the veins.
Since hair growth rate is slower among older people, it’d be better for them to reduce the trimming rate. Because it’ll take time to grow them back.

Always be careful while trimming to avoid cutting and ingrown hair problem. Also clean nostrils with washcloth again to clean trimmed hair bits to avoid itchiness. Use spray or nasal drops when nostrils get dry because of trimming.

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